AIK – Nordsjalland Europa League Betting Tips

AIK – Nordsjalland Europa League Betting Tips

The press is big on hard-wearing AIK before Thursday’s return match against Danish FC Nordsjälland at home. Because Justin Timberlake has played at the Friends Arena this week, the team will not be able to use its regular arena, but will play this match at Tele2 Arena. Of course, it shaves in advance.

At the same time, it is an arena that AIK is enjoying very well. If we look at all Swedish matches – which, in spite of everything, have been the tough outing of Hammarby and Djurgården – have made three wins and a draw at their last four matches. In other words, it could have been worse.

After the first meeting, FC Nordsjälland has a good result, 1-0 at home. This makes the Danes go to the goalkeeper in Stockholm, where a goal would make the home team suddenly need to score three goals. Can AIK really do that? That’s the question.

A defensive match AIK – Nordsjalland

Initially, the starting point is especially in front of this game, since each goal will mean a lot. AIK goal makes us suddenly in extension mode and suddenly there can be talk of extension after 90 minutes. It would be tickling for the neutral spectator.

A goal would be to force a defensive defensive AIK properly on the track, while a 1-0 goal for the home team would put pressure on the Danes, especially if it came early. This is, however, a match with great conditions.

In the Champions League context, the state states that the home team are facing a 1-0 subordination from the first meeting on the ward of around 40%. In other words, it is clear for FC Nordsjälland here. At the same time, AIK is a very strong and extremely skilled team, now meeting a Danish FC Nordsjælland with an average age of 20 years and lacking the routine that AIK has so much. It will be useful to the Sunni team.

AIK – Nordsjalland betting tips

Anyway, we are aiming for us in the target market. AIK will save its zero and hope for 1-0 ahead. FC Nordsjälland does not take any unnecessary risks.

Both teams DO NOT score is played at 1.86


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