Flamengo vs Ponte Preta Betting Tips 10.05.2018

Flamengo vs Ponte Preta Soccer Preiction Today


Make a lemon a lemonade. Flamengo had very weak opponents in recent games. However, he had done what a favorite has to do: imposing himself, getting the full points. The team is in a distant unbeaten record with three straight wins. There are many people who have felt the “smell” again …
Tonight, he needs only a draw to secure himself in the quarterfinals of the Brazilian Cup. In addition to the long-standing unbeaten record, Flamengo has confidence in recent performances where, although the offensive side is doing its part, the defense has deserved more merit and has not been leaked in the last five games. With Maracanã again crowded, having the advantage in the duel, Flamengo has much confidence to be able to stay with the vacancy.
The coach Maurício Barbieri will have the basis of the last games available.

Ponte Preta

A lot of confidence! Yes, Ponte knows that being able to beat one of the country’s top teams in a crowded Maracana is a tough thing to do. However, within its proportions, it was also difficult to beat its biggest rival, the Guarani, at home and Ponte got it last weekend. Trust to believe and seek to surprise, will not miss.
When looking at the recent results, of course, it is possible to point out that the last duel was rather a point outside the curve in what can produce, mainly in the offensive part. However, driven by this performance, the Bridge wants to keep expecting more, producing more. It is worth mentioning that for when you do not need to have the reins of the confrontation, the Bridge achieves good results. Visitor dominance in his recent performances goes in this direction. The team believes that even with the rival having the advantage, because the stadium is full, the same is who will seek the game. Chances are there for you.
Coach Doriva has a lot of problems climbing his starting lineup. Orinho is injured. Thiago Real, spared. Reginaldo, Danilo Barcelos and André Luís have already played for other clubs in this competition.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Flamengo vs Ponte Preta

The game tonight serves as the standard in equivalence to the last faced by Flamengo. If the difference between the two is not enough, there is still the advantage in their favor, the fact that the rival is entirely reassembled in pieces, besides the packed Maracanã. It is difficult to believe that, even without needing it, Flamengo will not be able to impose itself here.

Prediction Today: Flamengo

Odds: 1.33

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