Marseille vs Salzburg Betting Tips 26.04.2018

Marseille vs Salzburg Soccer Prediction Today

It is not illogical that the expectations of the Marseille-Salzburg meeting have been tightened up in one of the Europe League semifinals, but we wonder if a reaction may not be awaiting and that the target opportunities are somewhat exaggerated?

One can almost say that it was a great success that has taken Marseille and Salzburg to this semifinal.
In common, they both ended up steeply in the quarters – Marseille lost the Leipzig lead-back with 0-1, then won with five crushing goals against two at home while Salzburg hit the even bigger drum: 2-4 loss gone reversed after 4-1 in the return to Lazio.
However, Austrian and New Austria Salzburg must be the big barrage. Should they beat the final in the Europa League, it would be a major in the club’s history. Of course, a power measurement model would be larger even for the part of the fransos, albeit not to the same extent.
Once in the final, the winner is waiting between Arsenal and Atlético Madrid, as some want to say is already a smaller type of final.
Well, on the troop front, there is almost exclusively positive message from both parties. Marseille misses “just” Steve Mandanda as well as Boubacar Kamara. Hiroki Sakai is uncertain. The guests have in turn the entire squad intact.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Marseille vs Salzburg

Based on these, it is quite clear why the gaming companies and their odds believe in a targeted battalion – and so maybe it will be – but at least we are sure of one thing: they exaggerate it all.
It is after all about a semifinal in the European League and the initial meetings are not rarely cleared more against the final ones. Guests can also wait for an extremely defensive approach from trying to keep down the numbers and put the bang on the home. They are clearly aware of the subdog position they hold.

Prediction Today: Under 3.0 goals (asian handicap)

Odds: 1.86

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