PREDICTION: 1.FC Keln – 1899 Hoffenheim (05 Nov 2017)

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1.FC Keln – 1899 Hoffenheim – Two German representatives in the European Championships still have a different role since Keln is tied to the bottom of the table and still has no triumph, and Hoffenheim is still much better in the upper part of the table, although the game is pretty bad in last time. The four games have no win, and the same effect is when the championship is viewed. Celtic does not go to the championship, but they went to the Cup and entered the first win in the European league. Last season, the duel in Cologne ended with a 1: 1 hand, while Hoffenheim on his field was celebrating.

1899 Hoffenheim
When all is summed up, Hoffenheim has a much better situation than Celtic, but this team has problems and say they have already dropped out of the Cup, and not even in the European league is much better and waiting for them a difficult task to choose the knockout stage. They made two wins over Basaksehir in their field, and on Thursday they were in front of the triumph, who missed them in the last minute, so they had to meet the blade.
The championships are four winners without a triumph and fell slightly on the table, especially after the home defeat in the last round of Borussie M’gladbach. They reluctant and then received three goals and they are really too often too late to keep the resultant advantage they can achieve. He refreshed the Nagelsmann team coach after the defeat in the last round and in Istanbul they played against Nordtveit, Zuber, Hoogma, Grillitsch and Kramaric. Now, it is safe to follow the changes again, and probably in the final line, B.Hubner and Geiger are intercepting the line.

PREDICTION: FC Keln win @ 2.11


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