PREDICTION:Perugia-Avellino (06 Nov 2017)

Perugia receives Avellino on Monday evening – the surplus is clicked at 1.78 times the money.
We round off sunday with a sour aftertaste. The X2 double chance in the Everton-Watford match looked great when Watford put the 2-0 ahead after 64 minutes. Three minutes later, it was reduced, and 74 minutes into the match, the score was 2-2. In addition, Everton could put 3-2 on penalty, and of course Watford would miss a penalty thereafter. Really sour. In other words, Rome was a smack, unfortunately, Merten’s hammer did not succeed in the goal of his Naples. We will reload and take over Monday.

Perugia receives Avellino on Monday evening and is set for a goal-oriented event. Perugia is roughly weak at the moment with a stick in the last six games, but the entertainment has been offered to the highest extent. All six matches have crossed the 2.5-line, three of which match the five-line line. Striking the way the team performs during the season. The offensive has been convinced purely goal-oriented, otherwise it can be said of the defensive who did not come up by default. Nine of the team’s 12 opening matches have exceeded the 2.5-line, a figure equivalent to 75% of the matches. Goals have been made in 10 of 12 played matches, while still keeping zero in just two matches.
Avellino comes to the match with four losses and a victory over the last five games – a flair that does not convince. The team is found in a 13th place in the table. Just like the home team, you have been invited to the maximum entertainment this season, nine out of 12 played matches have gone above the 2.5-line, of which four of the last six games. Goal has been done in 11 of 12 played matches, a company that convinces. At the same time, one has kept the zero on one occasion this season, testifying to a silly defensive if nothing else. The defense tends to bid too much – against an offensive skillful Perugia it can be tough.

Our Prediction: Perugia win @ 1.78

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