Real Zaragoza vs Osasuna Free Betting Tips 08/10

Real Zaragoza vs Osasuna Betting Tips

Now we are running football from the longer divisions a couple of weeks to come when it won the national team game.
Monday and I will join Segunda División, which means Division 2 in Spain. Match between Zaragoza and Osasuna.
When missed games for Osasuna on the way off, it usually means very goal-intensive and not particularly entertaining. In fact, Osasuna has played an incredible 22 (!!) straight game with the goal line below 2.5 goals at the league game. An insane one that looks very rare and a good game would of course be below 2.5 goals this evening – but the gaming companies have totally watched the odds on the market and in writing times we are offered around 1.60 times the money. Very low for my taste, but at the same time a game that always sits when Osasuna plays on the road.

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Also, this game seems to work really well given that Osasuna barely makes any goals. And if we look at the statistics, Osasuna first and foremost has not stood out for something out of this season – ie loose “both teams do NOT do the goal-game in all” and if we look further back then the game has entered the 17/19 last away matches in league games.I’m seeing a value in this game and will try a medal plant. The game is based on statistics so I recommend you keep your low alternative funds like me.

Bet Tips: BLGM – No

Odds: 1.80

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