Swansea vs Southampton Betting Tips 08.05.2018


Swansea vs Southampton Soccer Prediction Today

Game tips are of course about creating games that we think will go in but that’s not really the whole truth. Even if we hope that a game will go in, there is never anything you can guarantee as there are so many factors that weigh in when the match is going to be decided and it’s impossible to know in advance how a ball will bounce or if one Players will make a stupid decision in match. If we were to know this in advance and all our odds would go in then we would have more money than anything we could spend.
The spell that we get is about probability. How much probability we consider a game to fall out versus the odds that the gaming companies provide. The gaming companies are obviously skilled at developing odds based on statistics and probability theory, but that does not always mean they are right and there are sometimes factors that the gaming companies do not always take into account. And this is where we come in. We make an assessment of the likelihood that a game goes in and looks at what odds we get from the gaming company.
A simple example of calculating the odds versus probability is to use the formula (1 / odds * 100). For example, if a gaming company gives the odds 1.50 that Manchester United wins home against Swansea, it means the United Kingdom has 66.67 percent chance of winning, according to the above formula, which gives the calculation 1 / 1.5 * 100 = 66.67 . If we think United’s chances are higher than 66.67 percent, we say 80 percent, for example because of Swansea’s injuries and United’s strong goal form, it’s 13 percent better than the odds of the gaming company and is then a bet for us today game tips. The higher this difference, the better will be our return on investment, in the end.
ROI, English abbreviation for “return on investment”, freely translated “return on investment”, is simply about how much you earn on their games. The goal is, of course, to have as high a ROI as possible, which with our game tips aims to help you with. You can calculate your ROI using the formula (earnings / turnover amount) * 100. So if you earn $ 1000 in a month by spending $ 50,000 a month, your ROI (3000 / 30,000) * 100 = 10 percent will be yours. Just 10 percent may not sound so much, but if you are earning larger sums than 30,000, 10 percent is a very good return.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Swansea vs Southampton

Probability and ROI aside. To bet and play, however, is for most people having fun and feeling excited. Most people do not bid to get a high ROI but because it’s fun and that’s also something we take into account when we do our betting tips and today’s game tips. Not only do we want to give you as high a return as possible and also choose fun and interesting matches that you can bet on.
Since football is the world’s largest sport, and even the biggest sport in Sweden, it’s natural for us to put a big football focus in our game tips. But also because the gaming companies often produce just interesting and sometimes a bit odd game at just football matches. But of course, we will find out when there are interesting matches to play in other sports such as ice hockey, handball, basketball and more especially during the major championships during the Olympic Games, World Cup, EM and so on.
The odds and the gaming companies that we choose in our game tips are according to our own preferences and who we like to play at. It does not necessarily have to be that the gaming company provides the best odds right now but it is the gaming company that we feel comfortable recommending and as we prefer.
In today’s game tips we have collected the odds of all the gaming companies so that you can compare which of the gaming companies that gives the highest odds right now. If you are looking for the highest odds and have no trouble bet at the gaming company that gives the highest odds then you can proceed to the game company directly via one of our links on the site. If you do not have an account with the gaming company, you may want to create an account while enjoying their welcome bonus, which is usually generous.
Take advantage of the gaming companies’ promotions and bonuses
Before you bet, it’s worth checking in at the gaming company if they offer any additional bonus or maybe have a campaign that you can share. You may be given a risk-free game if you sign up for the promotion or you will be refunded if the game does not occur due to overtime goals. In short, the gaming companies often have many interesting campaigns to share and although we do not always pick it up in today’s game tips and betting tips, you can still take a look at the gaming company’s campaign page before betting.

Prediction Today: Southampton wins

Odds: 2.55



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