VfL Bochum vs Darmstadt 98 Free Betting Tips 12/11


VfL Bochum vs Darmstadt 98 Betting Tips

VfL Bochum – Darmstadt 98 / Bundesliga – Both teams are in the middle of the table ahead of this round and before the last round of the 2nd round of the 2.Bundesliga are on the same number of points scored. They did not win them in the same way, and Darmstadt has one more victory than Bochum, which removes somewhat more often than he loses. In the Cup, Bochum was eliminated already in the first round, while Damrstadt dropped out in the other, playing against Herthe. Bochum is in a slightly better shape and are undefeated at four previous matches, and Darmstadt on three, if we count only the championship. Last season, Bochum defeated Darmstadt 2-1 in their home ground.

VfL Bochum

Bochum is held in the middle of the table, although four rounds do not know about defeat. The problem is a large number of unsettled results and the previous three matches played with a draw. Prior to that, they minimally defeated Armini at 1: 0 on their home ground, and of the three three draws they played on the away away. The first draw is different from the previous two, since HSV were very strong in defense, which ultimately 0: 0 clearly show.
Before two rounds, they played a completely different match against Regensburg on home ground, and then they were 3: 3, although they had a 3: 1 lead. They were not lucky, but neither concentration was in the finish, so they received the third goal in the referees’ compensation. In the last round on a visit to Furth, a very similar situation and a lead of 2: 0, and again, the goal for the draw was again in the recompense of time. They have many injuries, and the last on this list is the right side Celozzi.
The probable initial composition of Bochum: Riemann – Baack, Hoogland, Gyamerah, Soares – Tesche, Losilla – Sam, Lee, Weilandt – Hinterseer

Darmstadt 98

Darmstadt had one crisis in which they lost four games in a row and received a lot of goals in that period, but they managed to stabilize the form. They are now in a series of three rounds without a defeat, but in the meantime they have fallen out of the Cup, a domestic defeat from Herta. In the aforementioned series of three games, they first scored in Regensburg 1: 1, then they won twice on home court. They routinely celebrated in both matches, so Furth defeated 2-0, and Magdeburg was 3-1.
It is interesting that the coach Schuster fosters the same setting and in the Cup he made several changes against Herthe, while on Furth and Magdeburg on the field was exactly the same composition. The midfielder Kempa and the Dursun striker stand out as the best individuals and exactly the two of them were scorers against Furth, and Dursun scored against Magdeburg. The left side Holland got a red card in that match and now he can not play and probably hertner probably.
Probable starting lineup of Darmstadt: Fernandes – Rieder, Sulu, Franke, Hertner – Kempe, Medojevic – Heller, Mehlem, Jones – Dursun

VfL Bochum vs Darmstadt 98 Tips


Lately, both Bochum and Darmstadt play something better and this could be an interesting match. Maybe Bochum is a mild favorite for the home team, but Darmstadt is able to score a goal, so we expect both grids to shake.

Bet Tips: Both teams give a goal

Odds: 1.83



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