West Ham United vs Stoke City Betting Tips 16.04.2018


West Ham United vs Stoke City Soccer Prediction Today

West Ham United was a club in collapse for as short a month as a month ago. After a heavy season around the relegation line, a place where a rich club like “The Hammers” should not be, three straight matches were lost with big numbers. After a humiliating 0-3 loss on home grass against Burnley, the fans stormed London Stadium, and demanded change.
The counter reaction came. After a national break, The Hammers returned and demolished Southampton by 3-0, and last they picked a lead away in London derby against former league champions Chelsea. This has meant that the distance to the relegation line has been increased to six points, and with five rounds remaining to play after this, one victory and, consequently, nine points down to the line with a high probability of secure contraction.

Soccer Prediction of the Day West Ham United vs Stoke City

After one of the 1-0 win against Arsenal in the second half, the hopes for the season at Stoke supporters were probably quite high. Since then, it has been totally unclear. The losses were raced on track, Mark Hughes had to leave, and Paul Lambert came in. He has barely succeeded so much better. Certainly, a 2-0 win against Huddersfield was saved on January 20th, a victory we may have to admit the “new coach effect”. This is the team’s latest victory. Despite very affordable opponents such as Watford, Bournemouth and Southampton, no victories have been added. It lists nine win-win matches, five of which lost.
Especially the away game has been under all criticism. Only one away victory has been taken, and over 16 matches eight score points have been scrapped. Stoke lost his best player in Marko Arnautovic to just West Ham ahead of the season, and he has raised the London team somewhat so much that he probably won the award as West Ham’s best player this year. He is also in good shape. In the last seven games, he has scored 3 goals, 1 assist and has managed to pick 3 “Man of the Match”. However, without him in the team, Stoke’s offensive has seemed to stagnate really, and in fact, they scored third in the league this 30-year season. At the same time, they have been disastrous defensive, and released 63 (!) Goals backwards, which is worst in the whole of the Premier League.
West Ham has all the problems despite losing only one match of his last six at home. They have proved to be true after the national team break, knowing that in practice they secure the contract at a win in this match. Against a Stoke in pure injury, with a single victory over the off-season throughout the season, and zero win overall since January 20th, their victory chances must be valued very high. Marko Arnautovic has given West Ham a lot while taking more from Stoke. West Ham also won the reverse meeting with 0-3, where Arnautovic was also noted for a goal. Total summaries are the choice of page easily, and therefore the capital is invested in the home segment.

Prediction Today: West Ham United

Odds: 2.05


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