PREDICTION:Italy – Sweden (13 Nov 2017)

Italy – Sweden – Four-time world champions after the first match of the barracks came into the situation to even more fear for placement on the Mundial in Russia, since they were defeated 1: 0 away from Swedish national team three days ago in Stockholm. However, such a result leaves enough room for hope and popular “Azzurri”, as they now play in front of their fans in Milan, while last year on the EURU in France they also managed to celebrate with 1: 0 over the Swedes.

But now the pressure on “Azzurre” is certainly much bigger because only one goal scored in Giuseppe Meazzi’s rebound is to make things worse when it comes to SP. Namely, they believed that in the first match of the barracks in Stockholm would remain unaddressed, which is why Ventura’s selector set a somewhat more defensive tactic than in the majority of the matches in the group stage of qualification, but in the end they still received one goal and now they have to take over a lot more risk in this turn.
That actually means that Ventura would have to return this 3-5-2 to their favorite 4-4-2, because it was with such a tactic that Italy came to another place in its qualifying group but also played several very good friendly matches. Otherwise, this change means that the experienced Barzagli should be replaced on the bench, while the Verratti midfielder has no right to play for the card so that instead of them, this time from the first minute, they should get Florenzi and Insignia.

Unlike the Italians, Swedish footballers can be overwhelmed by the result of their first match in Stockholm, primarily because they have come to the minimum of victory but also at the same time succeeding in preserving their net. Otherwise, the only hit in this match was in the 61st minute for Johansson, who replaced the rookie Ekdala just a few minutes earlier, so that Andersson’s side proved to be a top expert.
Still, he is now in Milan for a much more selective Italian selection, so he will probably have to change something in his tactical setting. However, this time Johansson would have to take advantage of Ekdala immediately after the first minute, while the other 11 starter should remain the same despite the suspension of the seasoned defender Lustigo.

Our Prediction: Italy win @ 1.91

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