PREDICTION: Lazio vs Nice (02 Nov 2017)


Both Italy Serie A and Uefa Europa League, the storm-like Lazio, 5 consecutive matches are defeated in the Olympic Stadium hosted in Nice.

It is very normal that Lazio will be the big favorite in the encounter with code 487. In addition to the 1.40-strong Lazio win, they were 3.75 in the league and 4.60 in the Nice win. In the Bets10, Lazio wins 1.64, draws 4.10 and Nice wins 5.25. The match will start on Thursday, October 2nd, at 23.05. Tivibu Sports will direct Spanish referee Gil Manzano to meet 82 den.


Italy in Serie A, as well as the spectacular performance of the UEFA Europa League in the storm is running like a Lazio this season. However, there is also a name I want to open in Lazio parenthesis that Ciro İmmobile. The star player who is the biggest candidate of the Goal kingdom is the biggest and strongest weapon of Lazio even though we can not get the desired performance yet. Lazio, who makes 3 at 3 in Group K, will most likely lead if the group leaves with 3 points before the encounter. Both in the league and in the European League, Lazio, who has won 8 matches, gives great confidence with the football. This match is missing from Wallace Fortuna, Felipe Anderson and Dusan Basta, Lazio wants to show his fans.


France Season 1 is much more ambitious, we have a much higher performance, but Nice is not getting any success due to the mediocre game this season. Full 5 matches including League and Europa League matches need a magical touch in Nice. In their last match against PSG, the most powerful team of the League 1, Nice, 3-0 defeat left the field. In Group K, they win 2 out of 3 games and get a bit of morale, but the displacement of Italy will be very challenging. Before this match in Nice, Saint-Maximin, Cyprien, Michael will not play due to Seri Serious injuries. Cardinale’s situation will be clear at the match time.

Lazio is not being held. Under these circumstances there is no other reasonable option to play in the Italian representative. Lazio gets comfortable. I wish everyone good luck.



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